Hello there!

Only a quick update from me about a brand new weekly feature on my show…

Every Friday from 3 – 4pm keep your ears peeled becaused I will be doing RUNWAY RIDDEMS!

Runway Riddems is here to get you through the last few hours of the working week. I will be playing a mix of dance, rap, garage, house, electronica, grime, hip hop and anything that makes you want to dance and anything to prepare you for your Friday night!

So why am I doing this? Well, if you’re an avid listener of my show you would know that everyday from 3 – 4pm I do Retro Runway, where I play you the best songs from before the year 2000. I absolutely love this part of my show and have had some fantastic feedback from my listeners. However, since I started doing 12 – 4pm on a Friday, I realised that my show felt somewhat different. And why is that? Because it’s Friday of course!

From my own experience, whenever radio stations play a good old dance banger on a Friday, it has got me very excited for my evening… even if I am not doing anything particularly special! It made me look forward to the prospect of having a lye in on Saturday even more and generally put me in a great mood! That’s why I am doing Runway Riddems… to put you in a great mood for your Friday night!

So this Friday make sure you tune in to Runway Riddems at 3pm, I have some absolute choons to play you every week and I can guarantee that you’ll be in a great mood for your Friday evening, whatever you’re doing!

If you want to hear more from me I am on weekdays on Runway Radio from 12 – 4pm. You can also find me on Twitter: @itsjordanagain!

See you on the airwaves.



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