Breakfast Show

16th January 2017
Blue Monday

Blue Monday: Survival Guide

As I woke up this morning, I read on Twitter that today was apparently ‘Blue Monday’. Whilst I normally welcome a celebration (see Christmas, Birthdays, the […]
7th December 2016

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Nativity

The Nativity Play. A timeless cautionary tale about not booking a hotel in advance to your trip, despite the great deals and fantastic savings that can […]
21st September 2016

Beyond Bakeoff: ThunderDoughâ„¢

Tuesday. 13th September. 2016. A warm late summers day. Britain has finally started to move on from Brexit, a word now cursed with more bad luck […]
12th September 2016

How to Win an Election – Lessons from Year 2

Things are heating up in America, with the Election between Hillary ‘Hilldog’ Clinton and Donald ‘Not a Duck’ Trump about to end with one of them […]