Discover Runway Radio.

The ONLY true local commercial station for Crawley & Gatwick

Runway is the only commercial station dedicated to Crawley & Gatwick.

In-fact, we are the only commercial station in the area.

This means we are able to bring you local content, music, news and events in a way that no other station in the area is able to do.

Runway is all about bringing local news, music, chat and events and plenty of fun to the area. We work hard to ensure that we bring you all the latest stories from the area and are working closely with the council, schools, social clubs and businesses.

In only 7 months we have grown our listenership exponentially and it is still growing fast!

How can I tune in?
There are three main ways you can listen:

On a computer via this website or via

On a mobile or tablet device via the app you can download for FREE from your app store

On an internet radio

Why are you not on FM?
Ah the question everyone asks.

The simple answer is a poltical one. Since the introduction of DAB, FM licenses have been almost impossible to obtain for new commercial stations, mainly because of all the old stations getting bought up by the national giants. Unfortunately, this is the case for our area, so the simple answer is, ask OFCOM why we don't have our own available.

So can you go on DAB?
We would love to, and it is something we are in talks with OFCOM about, BUT...

When the metroplexes (the transmitters for DAB) were allocated they split Crawley down the middle meaning that in order to have us on DAB here we would have to transmit from two locations, something far too costly for a single local station.

The good news is that OFCOM have identified this as a problem for our area and we are in talks to resolve the situation.

What area does Runway Cover?
Our service is primarily for:

Crawley & Gatwick.

Horely, Redhill & Reigate.

Horsham & East Grinstead.

Isn't "online" radio just a hobbiest form of radio?
Actually it is the future!

Had streaming technology been at its current level when DAB was introduced then DAB would never have existed.

The fact is that online radio is the future with most stations now offering a streaming service.

Car manufacturers have already started putting wifi technology into their vehicles. It wont be long before it overtakes DAB and even FM.

There is still a snobbery in the radio industry about online only stations, but as with most industries it is evolving quickly.

Can I be involved with Runway?
Of course

We are always looking for people to join our crew and we offer voluntary positions on the station for people to gain experience.

If you want to find out if there is an opportunity then please contact us via our contacts page.

Want to join the crew?
Runway is all about giving local people the chance to be involved in commercial radio. Email us for more information.